Poster Display at EAFP 2017:

Posters at EAFP 2017 will be displayed for the duration of the conference in Hall 1 from Monday 4th September to Thursday 7th September. 

Poster set up will be between 9am and 10am on Monday 4th September and taken down after 4pm on Thursday 7th September.  

Poster Formatting Guidelines:

Printed posters should be A0 in size (841mm wide by 1189mm high) and portrait in orientation.

Printers normally prefer posters to be sent to them in Adobe PDF (portrait) format. We will not be responsible for proofing the document, so please be sure the PDF document that you create is satisfactory before sending it to print. PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR DOCUMENT CAREFULLY.

As the color mapping of computer monitors varies between manufacturers and models, there may be some variation between the displayed colors and those of the print output. This is in part due to the incomplete overlap between the possible color palettes of an RGB- based monitor and a printer using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. As a result, there may be some perceptible variation in the colors of your poster compared to what you saw on your monitor that is simply unavoidable.

Although many people use Microsoft PowerPoint for creating poster sized prints, the PowerPoint software has some serious limitations that affect the quality of the output. The instructions that follow are designed to assure a final print quality as close to the digital original as possible. We highly recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign (or a similar publishing application) to create your posters. If you have access to these specialty applications, we will assume that you know how to use them effectively. If you use these applications, however, please be sure to adhere to the provided formatting parameters.

All images/logos should be 300dpi and sized accordingly.

Keep all text/logos/critical data at least 10mm from the edge of the page.

Naming your file

So that we can identify your poster please name your file with your surname followed by an underscore and then your paper number (this can be found in any confirmation email you have received regarding abstract submission). E.g. Jones_495

Software Requirements: You must have a PC or Macintosh equipped with:

1) Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 or later (Office XP or Office 2003 for Macintosh) or another suitable graphics application,

2) Adobe Acrobat Professional v. 6.0.2 or later with Adobe Acrobat Distiller v.6.0.1 or later.

Output Document size: Posters will have a finished printed dimension of 1188mm tall x 841mm wide. (A0 Portrait)
The procedure that we will describe is one that will allow you to optimally convert your PowerPoint document to Adobe PDF.

Please follow these instructions exactly:

Creating your Poster in Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. From the Page Setup menu, select “Custom” under the “Slides sized for..” pull-down menu.
  2. Enter the dimensions of 841mm (84.1cm) for the width and 1188mm (118.8cm) for the height.
  3. Layout your poster as desired.

Converting your Poster to Adobe PDF

PC Users:

  1. From the PowerPoint menu, Select File:Print
  2. In the Print dialog box, change the Printer Name field to Adobe PDF
  3. In the same dialog box, select the “Scale to fit paper” checkbox near the bottom center
  4. Click on the Properties button to configure the layout and paper sizes. A dialog box entitled Adobe PDF Document Properties should appear.
  5. Click on the Adobe PDF settings Tab
  6. In the ‘Adobe pdf page’ size drop down menu, select A0.
  7. In the region entitled “Adobe PDF conversion Settings” or “Default Settings”, select “Press Quality
  8. Click on the Layout tab and click on the button Labeled “Advanced”
  9. In the Print Quality pull-down menu, change setting to “300 dpi”.
  10. Press the OK button again to leave the Advanced Options window.
  11. Press the OK button to close the window.
  12. Confirm that the PDF settings window shows the correct paper size and not the default “letter” and that the quality is set to “Press Quality”.
  13. Press the OK button in the main Print dialog box and select a location to save your PDF file.

Macintosh Users:

  1. From the PowerPoint menu, Select File:Page Setup
  2. Select a “Custom” size and enter the dimensions of 841mm (84.1cm) for the width and 1188mm (118.8cm) for the height.. Select the correct orientation (in this case it is the portrait format)
  3. Click on the Options button
  4. Select Format for: Adobe PDF 7.0 or Adobe PDF 8.0 (depending on your version)
  5. Look at the list of specified page sizes and select A0.
  6. Press OK.
  7. If you get an error about the page size exceeding the printable area, press OK.
  8. Select File: Print from the Powerpoint menu.
  9. Select the printer “Adobe PDF 7.0” or “Adobe PDF 8.0
  10. Click on the arrow to expand the print menu
  11. Check Scale to Fit Paper
  12. Check “Show quick preview” to make sure your poster looks correct.
  13. Select PDF options in the drop-down menu that defaults to “Copies and Pages”
  14. Select “Press Quality” for Adobe PDF settings
  15. Select Acrobat for After PDF creation. This will open your poster automatically in Adobe Acrobat so that you can be sure it looks correct after conversion
  16. Select Printer Features to view the resolution options.
  17. Change the Print Quality setting to 300 dpi using the pull-down menu. PowerPoint often has problems converting documents with large dimensions at a high resolution.
  18. Press Print and select a location to save your PDF file.

The above poster formatting instructions can be downloaded here

Poster Printing:

The 18th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish 2017 have arranged a poster printing service for our delegates.

The print options available include:

a) AO 180 gsm Matt Coated paper: £22.80 (inclusive of VAT)

b) AO 240 gsm Satin Photo paper: £26.40 (inclusive of VAT)

Please note payment must be made direct to the printer before your poster will be printed.


If you wish to have your poster printed in Belfast, please follow the instructions below.

  • Please follow the instructions in the attached document explaining how to prepare your poster for printing. Please make sure you have used the naming convention in the poster formatting guidelines, i.e. your surname followed by an underscore and then your paper number (this can be found in any confirmation email you have received regarding abstract submission). E.g. Jones_495
  • Phone/Call: Media Design and Print on- +44 28 90 459 864
  • Enter (1) on your touch key phone to be put through to Media Design and Print
  • Please provide the Receptionist with:
    1. Reference- Happening Conferences & Events Poster Print Service
    2. Provide your requirements:
    3.          a) AO 180 gsm Matt Coated paper: £22.80 (inclusive of VAT)


         b) AO 240 gsm Satin Photo paper: £26.40 (inclusive of VAT)

  • Media Design and Print will only take card payment for this service. You must provide your card details over the phone.

  • Once payment has been processed, please email your artwork to
  • You must state your name and the quantity required (if more than 1) in the subject line

  • Media Design and Print will issue your receipt to the email address provided by you to the receptionist
  • Happening Conferences & Events will arrange delivery of your poster to the conference venue

Please note that the event organiser does not take responsibility for the quality of the print produced. Any issues should be raised with Media Design and Print.